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  • faculty

  • Douglas Barrick

    Professor, Department of Biophysics

    • 410-516-0409
    • Research Interests: Determination of an atomic-level description of structure and function in proteins
  • Alexis Battle

    Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering

  • Brittany Belin

    Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Biology; Staff, Carnegie Institution

  • Alex Bortvin

    Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Biology;
    Staff, Carnegie Institution of Washington

    • 410-246-3034
    • Research Interests: Genetic and epigenetic controls of germ cell development and function in vertebrates
  • Gregory Bowman

    Professor, Department of Biophysics

    • 410-516-7850
    • Research Interests: Chromatin structure and nucleosome remodeling
  • Nichole Broderick

    Assistant Professor

    • 138 Levi
    • Research Interests: Molecular and cellular mechanisms by which the microbiome affects animal development, physiology and immunity
  • Brian Camley

    Assistant Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy

    • Bloomberg 243
    • 410-516-7683
    • Group/Lab Website
    • Research Interests: Cell motility, chemotaxis, collective motion, soft matter, and fluid mechanics in cell biology
  • Xin Chen

    Professor, Department of Biology; Investigator, HHMI

    • 137 Levi Hall
    • 410-516-4576 | Lab 410-516-6543
    • Research Interests: Epigenetic regulation of stem cell lineages
  • Phillip Cleves

    Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Biology; Staff, Carnegie Institution of Washington

  • Kyle Cunningham

    Professor, Department of Biology

    • 204 Biology East
    • 410-516-7844
    • Research Interests: Calcium signaling and mechanisms of gene expression in yeast
  • Jocelyne DiRuggiero

    Associate Research Professor, Department of Biology

    • 410-516-8498
    • Research Interests: Molecular microbial ecology of extremophiles; molecular mechanisms of stress response
  • Chen-Ming Fan

    Adjunct Professor, Department of Biology;
    Staff, Carnegie Institution of Washington

    • 410-246-3022
    • Research Interests: Molecular patterning and embryonic induction during mouse early development
  • Steven A. Farber

    Co-Director, CMDB Graduate Program;
    Adjunct Professor, Department of Biology;
    Staff, Carnegie Institution of Washington

    • 410-246-3072
    • Research Interests: Real-time imaging of lipid metabolism in live zebrafish; identification of genes which regulate cholesterol absorption using biochemical and genetic strategies
  • Karen Fleming

    Professor, Department of Biophysics

    • Jenkins 416
    • 410-516-7256
    • Research Interests: Structure, energetics, and folding of membrane proteins
  • Stephen Fried

    Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry

    • Remsen 121
    • 410-516-7835
    • Research Interests: Folding and assembly of proteins and molecular machines in vivo; crosslinking mass spectrometry; ancient proteins and the origins of life; synthetic biology and directed evolution.
  • Joseph Gall

    Adjunct Professor, Department of Biology;
    Staff, Carnegie Institution of Washington

  • Bertrand Garcia-Moreno

    Bertrand Garcia-Moreno

    • 410-516-4497
    • Research Interests: Biophysical chemistry of regulatory interactions in proteins, nucleic acids, and their assemblies
  • Andrew Gordus

    Assistant Professor, Department of Biology

    • 207 Biology East
    • 410-516-6509
    • Research Interests: Understanding how novel and innate behaviors are encoded at the cellular and genetic level
  • Marc M. Greenberg

    Professor, Department of Chemistry

    • New Chemistry Building 313
    • 410-516-8095
    • Research Interests: Nucleic acid damage and repair
  • Taekjip Ha

    Professor, Department of Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry, School of Medicine

    • 619 WBSB
    • Research Interests: Single molecule and single cell analysis of nucleic acids, chromatin and mechanical biology
  • Vincent Hilser

    Professor and Chair, Department of Biology;
    Co-Director (Interim), CMDB Graduate Program

    • Mudd 123
    • 410-516-4693
    • Research Interests: Protein conformational fluctuations and their role in function, adaptation and disease
  • Margaret Johnson

    Assistant Professor, Department of Biophysics

    • 410-516-2376
    • Research Interests: Theoretical and computational modeling of protein interactions at the cellular scale
  • Robert Johnston

    Associate Professor, Department of Biology

    • 410-516-4954
    • Research Interests: Development and gene regulation in human retinal organoids and fly eyes
  • Christian Kaiser

    Associate Professor, Department of Biology

    • 410-516-4486
    • Research Interests: Single-molecule biochemistry studies of the machines and processes in protein translation, translocation and folding
  • John Kim

    Associate Professor, Department of Biology

    • 389 UTL
    • 410-516-3286
    • Research Interests: Deciphering the biological function of microRNAs and other small RNAs expressed in the genome
  • Yumi Kim

    Assistant Professor

    • 385 UTL
    • 410-516-6504
    • Research Interests: Chromosome dynamics during meiosis
  • Alfredo Kirkwood

    Professor, Department of Neuroscience

    • 410-516-6410
    • Research Interests: Cellular mechanisms that control learning and the formation of new memories throughout the lifespan
  • Rejji Kuruvilla

    Professor, Department of Biology

    • 410-516-2366
    • Research Interests: Control of neuronal development by target-derived neurotrophins
  • Juliette Lecomte

    Professor, Department of Biophysics

  • Hey-Kyoung Lee

    Associate Professor, School of Medicine

    • 410-516-5712
    • Research Interests: Cellular and molecular mechanisms of synaptic plasticity underlying memory formation
  • William Ludington

    Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Biology; Staff, Department of Embryology, Carnegie Institution of Washington

  • Rajiv McCoy

    Assistant Professor, Department of Biology

  • Sua Myong

    Associate Professor, Department of Biophysics

    • Mergenthaler 168
    • 410-516-7245
    • Research Interests: Single molecule and single cell imaging of biological pathways including RNA interference, neurodegeneration, G-quadruplex, nucleosome and telomere processes
  • Steven L. Salzberg

    Bloomberg Distinguished Professor

    • Wyman S261
    • 410-516-8246
    • Group/Lab Website
    • Research Interests: Computational biology, genomics, DNA sequence analysis, metagenomics, sequencing technology
  • Michael Schatz

    Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and Biology

    • Malone 323
    • (410) 516-5765
    • Group/Lab Website
    • Research Interests: My research interests are Genome sequencing, Comparative Genomics, Single Cell and Single Molecule Biology, Bioinformatics
  • Trina Schroer

    Professor, Department of Biology

    • Bio East 203
    • 410-516-5373
    • Research Interests: Microtubule-based motor proteins and their roles in cellular architecture
  • Allan Spradling

    Adjunct Professor, Department of Biology;
    Director, Carnegie Institution of Washington;
    Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

  • Craig A. Townsend

    Professor, Department of Chemistry

  • Tatjana Trcek

    Assistant Professor, Biology Department

  • Mark Van Doren

    Professor, Department of Biology

    • BioEast 16A
    • 410-516-4717
    • Research Interests: Germ cell development and gonad formation
  • Carl Wu

    Professor, Department of Biology

    • 387 UTL
    • 410-516-7496
    • Research Interests: Eukaryotic chromatin structure and function. Biochemistry of nucleosome remodeling and gene transcription, and live cell-single molecule imaging of histone and nuclear protein dynamics
  • Haiqing Zhao

    Professor, Department of Biology

    • Mudd 226
    • 410-516-7391
    • Research Interests: Function and development of olfactory sensory neurons
  • Yixian Zheng

    Adjunct Professor, Department of Biology;
    Staff, Carnegie Institution of Washington;
    Assistant Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

    • 410-246-3032
    • Research Interests: Mechanisms of cell division and genome organization in development, homeostasis, and aging
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