Graduate Testimonials

Hear from some of the many extraordinary alumni of the Johns Hopkins Doctoral Program in Cell, Molecular, Developmental Biology, & Biophysics, in their own words.

Annie Vemu

Class of: 2020

Annie Vemu, PhD ’20, is an associate at Longwood Fund in Boston, MA. At Johns Hopkins, she studied microtubules, the skeleton of the cell. A structured environment Microtubules provide the fundamental structure of a cell. They’re small, cylindrical structures that contribute to its shape. Microtubules also work like mini-highways within a cell, transporting cargo from […]

Diego Rivera Gelsinger

Class of 2020

Diego Rivera Gelsinger, PhD ’20, is now a postdoctoral researcher at Columbia University in New York. During his time at JHU, he studied how life can live on little water. Extreme measures Chile’s Atacama Desert is one of the driest places on earth. It averages 15 millimeters—about half an inch—of rain a year. Some weather […]

Sarah Hadyniak

Class of: 2021

Color Guard Sarah Hadyniak studies how cone cells in the retina develop Colors matter to fifth-year Johns Hopkins Ph.D. student Sarah Hadyniak. And what especially matters to her is the order in which they develop—and why that’s potentially important to treat health disorders affecting vision. Humans have trichromatic color vision, which comes from the presence […]